The Characters


“You think I bloody chose to be involved in this drama? I did my best to live a good life, saddled as I was with the baggage of my birth. Honor, obligation, wife and sons—none of these kept me from ending up where I am now, burdened with stewardship of a misty island chain.”

Mordred Pendragon, infamous son of good King Arthur, has spent over 1,000 years living on Avalon and watching humankind advance outside its mists. His life was much improved when tea and curry arrived in Britain, but he remains bitter about his enduring vigil. When will it end?

Merlin & Archimedes

“My time has passed, and my vigil nearly ended. I will see this through, then retire, at last, to my rest—whatever that may look like.”

Merlin Emrys devoted his life to studying the ways of power. Although Merlin used all of his knowledge to guide and protect Arthur, the King fell during the battle of Camlann, and with his loss magic retreated from the world. Since that time, Merlin has sailed with the sleeping Arthur in the ship Prydwen, awaiting the time when Avalon is ready to reawaken once more. He is kept abreast of goings on in the world by Archimedes, although Merlin has sadly noted that the owl does not appreciate his own attempts at humor. It’s been a long, long voyage.


Archimedes is a very wise owl indeed. He may not quite remember how he got himself into the gig as Merlin’s familiar, but he’s learned a lot over the years by exploring the changing world while Merlin and Arthur have drifted aimlessly through the stars in a funeral ship. Archimedes is very much looking forward to the moment when the ship runs aground at last. Perhaps then Merlin will have more to do than make stale jokes.



Arthur Pendragon once united the warring kings of Britain, defeated the Saxons, and brought peace to his people. During the battle of Camlann, Arthur fought with his son Mordred and was defeated. His body was placed onto his ship Prydwen, and it was prophesied that he would awaken again along with Avalon during a time of great need. He has lain in state for centuries upon centuries, drifting along between realities with Merlin, his guardian. No one knows what Arthur may dream of as Prydwen drifts, or even whether he dreams at all—-and it remains to be seen just what will happen when his eyes open at last.


“I can’t believe I lost them. I lost them all.

Eleanor Riley loves a mystery. In her opinion, the best mysteries of all are those found in the ground—specifically, archeological dig sites. She left her home and twin sister in New York City to pursue her MA in archeology at University College London. Eleanor will have to grapple with the larger ramifications of history, though, when a day trip to a historical site gives her more to think about than she ever would have expected.


I don’t think I’ve made one bit of difference to anyone yet, but I mean to change that.

Albert Oshen has spent most of his life simply keeping out of everyone else’s way. He spends his time studying history and the evolution of cultures, hoping that someday he’ll be less awkward in social settings. When something inexplicable happens to one of his friends, Albert dives into research mode and becomes unexpectedly obsessed with occult phenomena. Unfortunately, most of the answers aren’t likely to be found in books.


“Nothing’s free, especially not life. What do you want from me?”

Casimir learned very early on that nothing’s fair, and no one can truly be trusted. No one but his shadowy companion, that is; were it not for Briel, Casimir would have died centuries ago in one of Boston’s filthy alleys. Now that Briel’s got his back, though, Casimir can do pretty much anything he wants—and hmm, maybe he’d like to be a king someday. That’d be fun, wouldn’t it?


“Why me? What the hell do I have to do with a cartoon king and the sword in the stone?”

Avara Johnson doesn’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks of her (at least, that’s what she says). She first ran away from home when she was twelve, two years after her mother split the domestic scene; she’s eighteen now, and prefers squatting with her friends to staying in her father’s home. As far as Avara is concerned, the rest of the world can piss off and leave her alone—as long as she can still get a new pair of pink sneakers.


“There’s a lot that I don’t understand about what just happened.”

Golden boy Brân DuLac may be graceful while on a surf board, but swordplay is an entirely different matter. He has no idea why he felt compelled to leave his hometown of Perth, Australia—and he certainly doesn’t know how to use the heirloom sword that recently came into his possession. He’s going to keep at it, though, while also searching for the source of that invisible tug on his heart. Maybe someday this will all make sense. Hopefully.


“There are probably hundreds of guys out there doing exactly what I’m doing right now. I’m not unique.”

Consciously upbeat Alex Mendez has a ready smile and engaging manner—both of which he’s honed while performing as a street musician up and down the California coast. Nevertheless, Alex knows there’s something missing, even though he’s on the cusp of “making it big.” If only he could figure out what that is… surely then he’ll finally be proud of his music.