The Creators

Photo: Jumana Al Hashal

Written by

Amanda Vail Abts

Amanda is a freelance writer, editor, and project manager. She’s been reading science fiction and fantasy since grade school (remember Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher?), and is hence influenced by such authors as Susan Cooper, Lloyd Alexander, Anne McCaffrey, and Ursula K. LeGuin—among many others. She has a degree in art history that mainly shows up in her reviews of graphic novels and manga. Wayfarers is her first published work of fiction. Find out more about Amanda at

Photo: Jumana Al Hashal

Illustrated by

Jenna Vail Abts

Jenna is a fine artist and professional visual designer living in Seattle. Her influences and interests range from cultural mythology to early 20th century fine illustrators to contemporary comics. She has studied in Minnesota, Rome, Kagoshima Japan, and Seattle. Her current body of work includes linoleum-block prints of fantastic creatures and iconographic paintings of animals in addition to character design and illustration for Wayfarers. Find out more about Jenna at